Turtle Magazine was a bi-monthly preschool magazine which featured stories and activities for preschool age children published by the Saturday Evening Post Society that is a sister magazine to Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill. In the final issue of the magazine, an interview with Mumfie was published to celebrate the release of "Mumfie's White Christmas" on DVD, which explains why Mumfie is a special little elephant and tells tales about some of his adventures. However, there were quite a few errors with the interview, which many fans speculate means that Mumfie's Quest, which was a major focus of the article, was just a dream.

  1. The dialouge Mumfie claims happened when he met Scarecrow is not what was actually said during that scene.
  2. Mumfie claims the Queen had "wonderful jewels" stolen from her, when only one jewel was stolen.
  3. Mumfie never meets or discovers any creatures in the forest other than Magic Bird and Canada Goose, and some forest animals that showed up in Scarecrow's Birthday Surprise.
  4. Although the article mentions remembering events Mumfie did with friends in the past, which was a subplot of The Album, it still mentions his favorite food is only mashed potatoes and he got sick from eating too many. He also likes mashed banana pancakes, which he actually got sick from in Mumfie's Lost Button.


  • Mumfie Turtle Interview
    Some stories that appeared in the magazine were later used for New York state comprehensive English exams aimed at children in third and fourth grade.
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