"I must find the little elephant. He must be destroyed, and then the jewel will be mine!"

-The Secretary of Nightwhen opening the windows in his bottle room to search for Mumfie in the episode "Foe or Friend?"

The Secretary of Night is the main antagonist of Mumfie's Quest. He is inspired by the Secretary of Night from the Katharine Tozer Mumfie book, Mumfie's Magic Box. He banned anything promoting happiness from the island. The Secretary also wants to obtain the Queen's Jewel, which will give him power. At the end of the movie, he turned into a stone inkwell after The Queen of Night used her Cloak of Dreams on the Secretary of Night.


  • The Secretary of Night had his own song, "I Must Have My Night", but it got cut from the Mumfie's Quest episode arc and the movie. However, the song was recorded, and is included on the "Britt Allcroft's Magic Adventures of Mumfie CD". Since the songs on the CD go in the order they are sung in the movie, the placement of "I Must Have My Night" on the CD suggests that the song would have been sung in the episode "Definitely Danger", before Napoleon Jones' song "Just a Waste of Your Time". 
  • It is unknown what he actually looks like. He is represented as a shadowy figure. However, in a scene in "Foe or Friend?", we see a shadow of the Secretary pass by the Black Cat. The shadow appears to have the Secretary wearing a crown on the top of his head, meaning he may have wished to be like a king. 
  • It is also unknown how he came into power.
  • It is also unknown what would've happened if the Secretary of Night successfully got the Queen's Jewel. 
  • The Secretary could've been capable of using the Cloak of Dreams, but before he could use it, Pinkey took away the thimble containing the Cloak of Dreams from his hands.