Scarecrow is a character in the animated series Britt Allcroft's Magic Adventures of Mumfie.


Scarecrow was built by The Farmer to protect the crows from eating his crops. He was left alone after it temporarily closed down, and joined Mumfie on his journey. He is a bit of a what-iffer, or person who worries a lot. Even though he does this, he's really smart and helps others when they need help. 

Trivia Edit

  • Scarecrow mentions having a family in quite a few episodes, but they never appear.
  • His voice can sometimes change tone randomly.
  • He is the only character with a definite age stated in the series. In "The Album", Mumfie says the balloon in said album is from Scarecrow's first birthday, meaning he is a year old.
  • He is also the only Mumfie character who's known to use the bathroom. In "A Grouper's Tooth", Scarecrow has a puddle form underneath him for a second when running away from a shark. He also "poops" straw whenever he falls from high distances, as the straw seems to come from his rear end.

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