Mumfie and Bristle in the bottle room "The Secretary's collection is long overdue for a dusting. Get to it!"
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If The Hat Fits is the tenth episode.thumb|link=File:IfTheHatFitsTitleCard.png


It is autumn, and Mumfie and Scarecrow are raking big piles of leaves around the house. However, the wind has a mind of its own and wants to play tricks on the friends and blow the leave piles. Mumfie decides that if the wind wants to play games, they'll play games as well. He tells Scarecrow that he'll place some leaves in the rain barrel so they can catch the wind and trap it.

The plan worked. However, the wind escapes through the cork and flew off very mad, along with Scarecrow's hat. Scarecrow felt sad that his only hat was gone, and Mumfie felt sorry about what happened. Mumfie decided to have a party to help scarecrow find his hat by having everyone bringing a hat