"Gotta Dance, Gotta Whistle, Gotta Sing" is a song from the Mumfie's Quest portion of the series. 


No wonder this place is so gloomy, if you're not allowed to whistle, dance, or sing

A world without melody to me would be a dull and melancholy thing

When a silence lasts too long, I just have to start a song 

And the notes pour out, and the music hums, and I'm blowing horns, and I'm banging drums

Like a circus clown, I march around the ring

Gotta dance, gotta whistle, gotta sing!

When a catchy tune appeals, I just have to click my heels

Like a jumping jack, I just can't keep still, though I've never tried and I never will,

There's no stopping me if I get half a chance

Gotta sing, gotta whistle, gotta dance!

When belief in yourself is wiliting, any wilting song will do...

And the words needn't be perfection, their selection's up to you

But the minute you begin it's patter, all your troubles, like bubbles, scatter...

No wonder this place is so dreary,

If you're not allowed to whistle, sing, or dance

A silence like this can be eerie, if you let it, it could put you in a trance.

But if you just raise your voice, it'll make your heart rejoice

When the first few notes of a song you hear, all the cares and woes simply disappear,

Tell this silent world that music is the king! Gotta dance, gotta whistle, gotta sing!

Use in the seriesEdit

The song was used in the "Pinkey's Mysterious Island" portion of the movie. After Mumfie reads signs outlawing joyful things, he gets angry and starts to sing the song. After Mumfie sings the first verse, Scarecrow tells him to stop singing, but he continues on with the second verse. Eventurally, the wind picks up, and Mumfie starts to sing the last verse after Scarecrow advises him not to. At the end of the song, Mumfie gets yelled at by the Black Cat for singing and dancing, blown away by the wind and is sucked into a tree.


  • Verse 3 was not sung in the movie.